What kind of gear do you use? I use professional Nikon gear and I use top of the line cameras, lenses, and flashes. For all of my photoshoots and assignments I make sure to have backup gear with me in case of an equipment failure.

Are you only a “natural light” photographer? No. Natural light can be terrific when it’s available; however, many events are held indoors under artificial light or sometimes a fill flash or other light modification is needed when shooting outdoors or at night. I am a trained photography and at adept at modifying and creating light from flashes in order to create beautiful images no matter what the conditions. My job is to create the images you’ll love no matter what the ambient lighting condition.


Do we get the digital files? Depending on the type of shoot and the package you will absolutely get the digital files and always in high resolution format. I think it’s important for my clients to have those files and have the ability to use, print and share them. When utilizing my services for printing, however, you can always be assured that the final product will be professionally printed with the utmost care and on archival material.

How are digital files delivered? Digital files used to be delivered via DVD, but better options are now available to us. All of your digital images will be stored online, in the cloud, for easy accessible on any computer, mobile device or tablet. Cloud storage also allows you to order prints direct from the gallery at affordable prices from printing facilities only available to professional photographers. Finally, cloud storage allows you to send a link to all your friends and family so they can also enjoy the photos.


How do I reach you? Easiest way is by filling out the contact form here. You can also email me at sidney@sidneyosterphotography.com or call or shoot me a text message at 702-706-6425. After an initial chat or email exchange I love to set up a meeting to get to know one another either face to face or video chat. It’s a wonderful way of learning about each other, chatting about your photography needs and answering any questions you might have for me.